Energy Group Equinor To Support Ship Owners


  • In the drive to reduce emissions in the offshore sector, vessel owners should find support from Norwegian state-backed energy group Equinor.
  • Long-term charters and partnerships in Norway will result in vessels retrofitted with technology to minimise emissions, such as hybrid propulsion, batteries and dual-fuel engines.

A recent news article published in the Riviera states that Equinor to support owners.

Equinor manager for marine operations

Equinor manager for marine operations Morten Sundt says the energy group will be at the forefront of the vessel industry’s drive to net-zero emissions by chartering ships using low-carbon fuels and emissions-reduction technologies.

In a video interview at Riviera Maritime Media’s Annual Offshore Support Journal Conference 2022, Mr Sundt says there will be a phased drive to decarbonise.

This begins with optimising logistics, then involves chartering vessels retrofitted with batteries and using shore power at Norwegian logistics bases to support offshore operations in the North, Norwegian and Barents seas.

What is the result of this drive?

This drive should also result in new shipyard orders from the major Norwegian owners for green offshore vessels.

Equinor has tenders out to have on long-term charter new ammonia-powered offshore support vessels, says Mr Sundt.

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Source: Riviera


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