Engine Expert – Mr. Wolfgang Gensch



Mr. Wolfgang Gensch has over 32 years of service experience with one of the leading Marine Engine Builder (MAN B&W).

He joined MAN B&W in Hamburg, Germany in 1972 straight after graduation at Secondary School in Winsen/Luhe, Germany. In 1976, Mr. W. Gensch joined the Service Department, after graduation at State Vocational School of Freie und Hansestadt Hamburg, Germany in Mechanical Engineering. He has spent more than 28 years with MAN B&W, Hamburg and had been involved in various different works (such as engine production / testing / after sales service) in different departments (foreman in engine assembly shop/engineer in the after sales and technical service department).

In 1996, Mr. Wolfgang Gensch was sent and stationed in Singapore as a Superintendent Engineer until February 2000, whereafter in March 2000, Mr. Wolfgang Gensch joined one of the biggest Diesel engine builder in Singapore as a Superintendent Engineer under a local contract.

Over the past 7 1/4 years while employed with MAN B&W, he has attended to more than 440 vessels for different purposes. The jobs performed from joining one of the leading Diesel engine builder in 1972 until present covers all fields on diesel engines and turbochargers, from normal docking, to troubleshooting, to overhaul, repair and rebuilding work on older and newer engines.

In the past forty years, Mr. Gensch had attended to over 600 vessels and carried out different work from simple inspections up to intensive repair work such as repositioning of crankshafts on 2-stroke engines.

Have an Engine Problem?

Write to Mr. Gensch through MFAME. He would be happy to answer and solve your engine problems.