Engine Failure on Danube


On February 11, a cargo vessel reportedly ran into engine troubles when it was transiting through the Danube.

What happened?

The cargo vessel ‘Rhein 1 SL’ loaded with 2.200 tons of grapes was transiting through the Danube, near Osterhofen, when it suffered engine damage.

The captain of the vessel noticed that the engine capacity was reduced when it was traversing at the end of the Mühhhamer bend.

Anchored at site

Furthermore, the engine stopped working and had to be immediately anchored since it was impossible to repair it on the site of the incident.

The front barge was anchored on site, and the pusher barge was taken in tow by an Ukrainian tug to the port of Deggendorf.

Vessel salvaged

The salvaging operation was completed in the evening and the vessel was taken from Deggendorf to Straubing, where it was berthed. Fortunately, none were injured during the incident and no pollution to the environment was reported.

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Source: Passauer Neue Presse


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