Engine Failure Leaves Cargo Ship Powerless   


A general cargo ship was left powerless off the island of Alderney, Channel Islands.


Accident type: Engine room fire
Location: Off the island of Alderney, Channel Islands
Cause: A ruptured diesel fuel pipe
Enroute: From Djen Djen to Rotterdam
Casualties/Pollution: None


The 2010 built cargo carrier carrying a twelve-member crew faced Engine failure off the island of Alderney, Channel Islands.

The crew noticed smoke coming out of the engine room, which was followed by a fire.  Immediately the master raised request for assistance but managed to extinguish the fire before the rescue crews arrived.

On investigation it was found that a ruptured diesel fuel pipe ignited the engine room.

The vessel enroute from Djen Djen to Rotterdam.  The 11,000 dwt vessel is towed to Cherbourg for inspection and will be taken to Rotterdam later.

No injuries or pollution was reported as the vessel did not carry any cargo.

Source: Lamanchelibre