Engine Room Flooding Caused Loss of Propulsion in Black Sea


Engine Room

Ship Type: Chemical/Product Tanker.
Location: 70 Nautical Miles off Bulgaria, Black Sea.
Cargo: Vegetable Oil.
Casualties: None.
Incident: Engine Room Flooding & Loss of Propulsion.

The Chemical tanker M/T Pazar lost the engine propulsion as the engine room flooded off Varna, Bulgaria in the Black Sea. The vessel was 70 nautical miles off the coast, and it was en route from Odessa, Ukraine to Durres, Albania carrying Vegetable oil as cargo.

As the engine room flooding started, the crew tried to pump out the water however it was in vain. The Master reported the incident to the shipowner, who contacted the Bulgarian authorities for assistance.

AS Cypria, a container ship that was in the vicinity, dispatched an additional pump to pump out the water. This additional pump was transferred from board-to-board. Pazar used this additional pump to dewater the engine room. However, the act was not successful. The crew was forced to shut down and close the engine room.

The chemical tanker Pazar remained disabled and will be towed to Turkey by the tug “Marintug I”, which was dispatched by the shipowner. According to the authorities, there were slight damages to the container ship AS Cypria, which was assisting the tanker, during board-to-board transfer of the pump. There were no injured people and water pollution during the accident. Today the ship should resume on tow to Turkey where She will be repaired.

Source: FleetMon


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