English Channel Ferry Fire Is Being Investigated

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A BBC news source deals with Channel ferry blaze: Investigation launched after Isle of Innisfree towed to Calais.

Cause of a fire which broke out on a ferry

An investigation has been launched into the cause of a fire which broke out on a ferry in the English Channel.

It started in the engine room of the Isle of Innisfree at 17:30 GMT on Friday and was contained, according to Irish Ferries.

The vessel was towed to Calais overnight by a French coastguard tug.

A total of 94 passengers and 89 crew disembarked on Saturday morning after docking, marine authorities confirmed. There were no injuries.

Ferry was midway between Dover and Calais

The ferry was midway between Dover and Calais when the blaze started.

Three lifeboats from Dover, Ramsgate and Dungeness were launched as well as a French salvage tug.

Those booked on imminent sailings are being transferred to alternative sailings, Irish Ferries confirmed.

The firm has apologised to all of its passengers for the disruption to their journeys.

It has not said when services on the Isle of Innisfree will resume.

In a statement, Irish Ferries said: “Crews train regularly to deal with incidents at sea, and the company has put its training into action and the fire has been extinguished.”

HM Coastguard said: “The vessel has confirmed that the fire has been extinguished but [it had experienced] technical issues.”

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Source: BBC News


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