Enhancing Efficiency: Cavotec’s Service Agreement With Port Of Salalah


Cavotec Signs Service Agreement & Port of Salalah

Cavotec, a global engineering group specializing in innovative technologies, has secured a new service agreement with the Port of Salalah in Oman. The agreement focuses on servicing Cavotec’s 32 installed MoorMaster vacuum mooring units at the port.

Port of Salalah, established in 1998, has grown into the leading and most prominent multi-ports in the region, ranked as the second most efficient container port in the world.

Enhancing Operational Efficiency

Cavotec has played a pivotal role in enhancing Port of Salalah’s operational capabilities by equipping its berths with MoorMaster, an advanced automated mooring technology. This service agreement underscores Cavotec’s commitment to optimizing port efficiency by reducing downtime and ensuring continuous equipment operation.

President’s Perspective

“We are very proud of this agreement,” commented Patrick Baudin, President of Services at Cavotec. “Port of Salalah not only puts operational excellence first – the assignment also means that we must perform our services and ensure reliability under challenging weather conditions. This is an important capability that further strengthens our competitiveness.”

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Source: Cavotec


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