Environmental Protection Award for Evergreen line


Port of Los Angeles honours Evergreen line with an Environmental Protection Award

Ever green

The Evergreen line has been honoured with an Environmental Protection Award in recognition of the carrier’s excellent performance for the Vessel Speed Reduction (VSR) program in 2015 by the Port of Los Angeles which is the largest port located in North America.

The award is given to shipping vessels which comply with the policy put forth by the Port of Angeles, where the vessels are expected to reduce their speeds to 12 knots or less when they are within the 40 nautical mile radius of Point Fermin, located near the entry of the Los Angeles harbour.

The Evergreen line voluntarily initiated efforts to reduce its speed while calling on the Los Angeles port 138 times in 2015.  The Vessel is estimated to have lowered its emission of Carbon dioxide (CO2) by 4,657 tonnes, Nitrogen Oxides (NOx) by 156 tonnes, Sulphur Oxide (SOx) by 87 tonnes and particulate matter (includes hazardous solid and liquid particles suspended in air) by 8 tonnes.

Evergreen line has undertaken this conscious decision to safeguard the Marine environment and ecosystem by lowering its emission levels.  Moreover, the carrier has worked in tandem with Government agencies, Cargo owners, Science and Research institutes and relevant organisations in their supply chain to raise awareness about various environmental programs. Additionally, Evergreen has taken relevant measures to incorporate its environmental policies into the fleet by adopting eco-friendly measures for ship building and for sustainable marine transportation.

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Source: Evergreen Line


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