EU ETS – BIMCO Publishes Standard Compliance Mandate


BIMCO has developed a standard mandate for use when the parties to a ship management contract agree to give a mandate to an organisation or person to comply with obligations under the European Union Emission Trading System (ETS). The standard has been developed as an independent, supporting document to the freestanding ETS – SHIPMAN Emission Trading Scheme Allowances Clause 2023 and SHIPMAN 2024.

According to Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 2023/2599 of 22 November 2023 laying down rules as regards the administration of shipping companies by administering authorities in respect of a shipping company.

ETS Mandate

The standard ETS Mandate has been developed specifically for mandates given under the EU ETS. Parties intending to use the ETS Mandate should be aware that the administering authority of a member state may have its own individual requirements which will have to be complied with.

The mandate is available for use in SmartCon and can be accessed in a sample copy on the BIMCO website accompanied by explanatory notes.

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Source: Bimco