EU Green Fuels Talks Comes To A Halt


EU energy ministers will meet this week to try and clear stumbling blocks — notably over targeted levels — in legislation aimed at boosting uptake of renewable fuels, including sustainable aviation fuels (SAFs) and maritime fuels with a lower greenhouse gas (GHG) intensity, reports Argus Media.

Legislation to boost uptake of renewable fuels

Member states had aimed for a common position on the proposals before the end of this year, which would have allowed ministers to press the European Parliament to open talks for a final legal text. But energy ministers are now only expected, on 2 December, to take note of their differences.

Chairing discussions, Slovenia would like ministers to give political “guidance” to member state experts on the “ambition” for SAFs, maritime fuel GHG reductions and, more generally, targets for renewable fuels.

For maritime fuels, member states “largely agree” with the objectives but call for “more time” to examine it properly. And countries are divided on the level and timing of the SAF blending mandates as well as SAF feedstocks. For maritime fuels, the GHG reduction targets are a stumbling block, accompanied by discussions about on-shore power supply requirements, penalties and the geographical scope.

Further questions are whether to mandate GHG emission cuts for all ships above a gross tonnage of 5,000t, as well as which fuels to include and how to count these towards GHG intensity reduction targets.

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Source: Argus Media


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