EU Launches Operation Aspides To Safeguard Red Sea Shipping


  • Shipping associations express support for the European Union’s Operation Aspides, a defensive maritime security operation aimed at protecting shipping in the Red Sea.
  • The operation, set for an initial one-year duration, will focus on providing situational awareness and accompanying ships to safeguard them against attacks in the region.
  • Naval assets from Greece, France, Germany, and Italy, along with one aerial asset, will be part of the operation headquartered in Greece.
  • Associations like the World Shipping Council (WSC) appreciate the EU’s commitment to maritime security and expect Aspides to play a crucial role in defending seafarers and commercial shipping.

World Shipping Council Commends EU Naval Force for Operation Aspides Launch

The World Shipping Council (WSC) expresses gratitude to the EU Naval Force (EUNAVFOR) for launching Operation Aspides, emphasizing its importance in restoring maritime security and freedom of navigation in the Red Sea. The WSC acknowledges the EU’s commitment and calls for the reestablishment of safe passage for seafarers and trade in the region. It urges diplomatic and defensive measures to protect seafarers and trade, emphasizing the ongoing threat in the Red Sea.

European Shipowners Association Supports Operation Aspides to Address Risks

The Secretary General of the European Community Shipowners Association voices support for Operation Aspides, considering it essential in addressing the risks to commercial shipping in the Red Sea. Emphasizing the operation’s significance in enhancing maritime security, the association underscores the ongoing threats faced by ships in the region. The European Union’s proactive response with Operation Aspides is seen as a crucial step in ensuring the safety of seafarers and maritime trade.

Shipping Associations Call for Immediate Release of Seized Galaxy Leader Crew

On the three-month anniversary of the seizing of Galaxy Leader and its crew, shipping associations, including the International Chamber of Shipping (ICS), issue a joint call for the immediate release of the ship’s 25 crew. The associations condemn the seizure by military forces, highlighting the prolonged separation of the crew from their families. They demand the immediate release of all 25 crew members, emphasizing the urgency and humanitarian aspect of the situation.

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Source: Seatrade Maritime


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