European Maritime Shipping Agency Develops Rulecheck Tool



European Maritime Shipping Agency (EMSA) has come up with a Rulecheck tool that would be relevant to each specific ship according to its type, construction date, size, etc. in terms of rules and requirements of the international instruments, prevalent regional procedures at the port of call.

This would help PSCOs fast-track their decision-making process based on the relevant rules prevalent at the time and place of call.

Given that the IMO, ILO legislation at different ports, different types of vessels and size varies from time to time with regard to Port State Control as well as regional procedures, the RuleCheck tool would be an effective tool.

The search feature gives PSCOs  access to the most relevant and latest legislation, requirements of the international instruments, rules and regional procedures by merely applying a filter to the regularly updated versions.  There would be no need to refer to hard copies.  The tool is also useful for the simplifying the PSC inspections within a region.  The tool is designed to improve the professional competency and to ensure a harmonised approach by PSCOs during PSC inspections.

Source: EMSA