Euroseas Revamps Fleet Efficiency: Synergy Antwerp Retrofit


Greek vessel owner Euroseas has recently announced a significant milestone in its efforts towards modernization and environmental sustainability. The company’s 4,250 TEU intermediate container ship, Synergy Antwerp, has entered into a time charter contract, marking a pivotal moment in Euroseas’ strategy. This charter contract not only signifies a commercial arrangement but also underscores Eurosea’s commitment to deploying energy-efficient vessels in the maritime industry.

Energy-Efficiency Retrofit

Euroseas has invested in retrofitting the Synergy Antwerp with various energy-saving devices and enhancements. These include a new bulbous bow, a lighter propeller, and innovative technologies such as Hub Vortex Absorbed Fins (HVAF) and Pre-Shrouded Vanes (PSV). Furthermore, the vessel underwent essential upgrades such as silicone coating for underwater parts, LED light installation, and an advanced autopilot system with ecological controls. These modifications aim to significantly reduce fuel consumption and emissions, aligning with Euroseas’ sustainability goals

Financial and Environmental Impact

The time charter contract for Synergy Antwerp represents not only a substantial increase in the charter rate but also reflects the growing demand for modern, energy-efficient vessels in the market. Euroseas anticipates a positive financial impact, with an expected contribution of approximately US$6.5 million of EBITDA over the contracted period. Moreover, the retrofitting efforts are projected to result in a reduction of about 9,800 metric tons of CO2 emissions annually, reinforcing Euroseas’ commitment to environmental responsibility and reducing its carbon footprint.

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Source: Container News


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