Euroship Container Vessel Rescues 105 Refugees


On 18th February, the crew of Vento di Grecale rescued 105 migrants from an endangered wooden boat that sank in choppy waters a few minutes after rescue.


Rey Salcedo captain of the vessel and his crew immediately responded to the distress call from Malta’s Marine Response Coordination Center (MRCC) while sailing South West of Crete en route to Salerno, Italy.  They located the wooden boat, which was found with a leaking hole and secured it alongside the vessel.


  • The migrants included Somalians, Sudanese and Egyptian.
  • Of the 105 rescued, three were pregnant women and included a number a children.  They were provided with the ship’s accommodation, while others were in the main deck of the ship.
  • The migrants were provided with Blankets, food and water including medical assistance to the pregnant women and those suffering from pain and ailments such as diarrhea.

The rescue operation was notified to Frontex, the European Union Agency.  Siem Pilot boat was dispatched which met the vessel at a rendezvous position east of Sicily on February 19.  All 105 migrants were transferred safely to the rescue boat after being provided with suitable life jackets.

Aristides Pittas, Chairman and CEO of Euroseas, commented: “Euroseas would like to congratulate our Captain, Rey Salcedo and crew of our vessel, M/V Vento di Grecale, for the professional handling of this search and rescue operation and the humanitarian service they have provided by saving 105 people from certain death.”

“Their reaction reflects the values of all of us at Euroseas and the history of my family’s 150 years presence in shipping.  We also wish to thank MRCC Malta and the crew of the Frontex rescue boat Siem Pilot for their assistance in coordinating this operation and finally taking ashore the refugees.”

Source: Euroseas Ltd


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