Eurozone Leaders Offer Bailout Deal To Greece: IMF Unhappy



The International Monetary Fund has criticized the bailout deal offered by the Eurozone leaders.  Greece owes nearly for about 10% of its debt – €1.6bn (£1.1bn) – to the IMF.  Earlier it has missed out two deadlines to repay the debt to the fund and it is the first EU country to do so.

According to the BBC’s economics editor, the assessments made by the IMF is making the road harder and harder for Mr Tsipras to persuade the Athens parliament to back the measures needed in Wednesday’s votes.  This is an indication of questioning the validity of Greece’s reform measures demanded by the Eurozone.

The IMF has clearly stated that it has no intention to participate in any further Greek bailout, unless Germany and the rest drop their vehement opposition to big write-offs of Greek debt.  The IMF also regards the prediction of Greece’s growth rates as unrealistically high.      

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