Ever Given To Set Sail in Suez Canal Again


  • The Ever Given container ship is once again trying to voyage through the Suez Canal.
  • The ship is en route to Singapore for repairs, according to Lloyd’s List.
  • The vessel became an internet phenomenon after images circulated of the ship beached in March.

The massive Ever Given container ship is en route once again through the Suez Canal after running aground in March and ruining global shipping for nearly a week, reports Insider.

Ever Given set sails again

According to MarineTraffic, the Ever Given left Felixstowe, England, on August 5 and is set to travel through the Suez Canal on Thursday while “partially laden,” or not containing a full ship’s worth of cargo.

Lloyd’s List container shipping editor James Baker said on Twitter that the ship is headed to Singapore for repairs.

Suez Canal crisis 

Larger than the Titanic and longer than the Empire State Building is high, the Ever Given managed to obstruct the Suez Canal for six days before salvage crews in the region finally freed it.

The container ship became an internet phenomenon after images of it stuck in the Suez Canal went viral online. An excavator who helped free the ship told Insider that the rescue process was harrowing, but the attention online made him work harder.

Compensation deal unknown

Egyptian authorities impounded the Ever Given in April and demanded $900 million in fees from the ship’s owners.

The vessel was ultimately released after the two parties reached an agreement in July, however, the details of the compensation deal are unknown.

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Source: Insider


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