Evergreen Renews 22-year Contract With Kongsberg Digital


  • Kongsberg Digital (KDI) renews the Long Term System Support Program contract with the Evergreen Marine Corporation has been renewed for another 10 years.
  • The new LTSSP contract commits KDI to upgrading the majority of the K-Sim Bridge consoles and hardware in the Evergreen Marine Training Center.

Evergreen Marine has renewed its long term system support program (LTSSP) contract with Kongsberg Digital (KDI) for another 10 years, reads Kongsberg website.

Contract to upgrade bridge consoles

The Taiwanese shipping company has used KONGSBERG simulators for crew training for over 20 years, with the first maritime simulator delivered to the firm’s training centre in 1999.

The new LTSSP contract commits KDI to upgrading the majority of the K-Sim Bridge consoles and hardware in the Evergreen Marine Training Center.

The center’s ECDIS lab will also be treated to an upgrade, while its Polaris simulator will be succeeded by the latest, next-generation K-Sim Navigation model, offering enhanced accuracy and increased realism for optimal crew training and convincingly immersive simulation.

This thorough overhaul of the centre’s simulation technology will also encompass an upgrade of its existing full mission engine simulator to a state-of-the-art K-Sim Engine type, complete with a new MAN 6S70ME engine model.

Achieving highest operational and navigational competence

Equipped with a scrubber system and KONGSBERG’s patented IAS (Integrated Automation System), it typifies the level of detail provided by next-generation KDI simulators, enabling Evergreen Marine to refresh its curriculum and continue training its crew to achieve the highest standard of operational and navigational competence.

Our fleet consists of very large vessels which routinely have to sail in extreme weather conditions, so it’s vital for our crews to be fully prepared to meet any challenges,” said Eddie Pai, junior vice president, Evergreen Marine.

Over the past 20 years, the Evergreen Seafarer Training Center has worked tirelessly to improve the professional skillsets of crew members, broadening their knowledge base and sparing no effort in the drive to prevent accidents at sea and combat marine pollution. We are very glad to be progressing into another decade with KDI, providing us with the most advanced simulation training equipment and any maintenance support we could ever require.”

The new 10-year contract renewal indicates Evergreen Marine’s confidence and trust in KDI’s maritime simulation training solutions,” stated Andreas Jagtøyen, executive vice president digital ocean, Kongsberg Digital.

At completion of this contract, KONGSBERG will have delivered technological continuity to Evergreen Marine for more than 30 years. This is clear evidence of our long-term commitment to support the maritime industry, delivered by the combination of our simulators’ long product lifecycle and the extensive service provided by our 24/7 support network.”

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Source: Kongsberg


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