EverWind Fuels and Port of Rotterdam Partner to Advance Green Hydrogen Supply Chain


EverWind Fuels (“EverWind”), a leading North American developer of a green fuels hub in Atlantic Canada, announced cooperation with the Port of Rotterdam to advance the green hydrogen supply chain. Officials from the Province of Nova Scotia joined in the announcement.

Significance of the Port of Rotterdam

The Port of Rotterdam is Europe’s largest seaport and a vital energy port for Northwest Europe, serving as a key distribution channel to Germany’s Ruhr area. As the manager, operator, and developer of the port, it plays a crucial role in energy transportation.

Green Hydrogen Production and International Hub

EverWind’s green hydrogen production in Atlantic Canada will support the Port of Rotterdam’s establishment of an international hub for hydrogen production, import, application, and transport to Northwest Europe. Rotterdam currently transports three times the energy consumed in the Netherlands and aims to import 18 million tonnes of hydrogen by 2050. The port expects to receive green ammonia as early as 2026, enhancing its green fuel infrastructure.

Engineering Milestone for EverWind

EverWind recently completed the front-end engineering design (FEED) for its project, marking the first completion of FEED for a large-scale green hydrogen and ammonia production facility in North America.

Statements from Key Leaders

Trent Vichie, Founder and CEO of EverWind Fuels, emphasized the importance of establishing a global supply chain for green hydrogen and expressed confidence in producing cost-competitive green hydrogen in Atlantic Canada to decarbonize processes both domestically and abroad.

Premier Tim Houston of Nova Scotia highlighted the province’s potential to lead in green hydrogen production, bringing green jobs and a sustainable future for Nova Scotians.

Boudewijn Siemons, CEO of the Port of Rotterdam Authority, noted the significance of green hydrogen for European industry decarbonization and expressed confidence in EverWind’s projects contributing to the first volumes of green hydrogen and ammonia from North America to Europe.

About EverWind Fuels

EverWind is North America’s leading independent green hydrogen developer, having received the first Environmental Approval in North America for a large-scale green hydrogen project. The company operates the deepest ice-free berth on the East Coast of North America and has a strong safety culture with an 18-year record without a lost time injury. EverWind collaborates with three First Nations equity partners and is committed to social and economic reconciliation.

EverWind’s Project Developments

EverWind is also developing a significant green fuels project on the Burin Peninsula in Newfoundland & Labrador, aiming to support the green energy transition ambitions of major industrial companies. The project is progressing through environmental approval and data collection phases.

About the Port of Rotterdam

The Port of Rotterdam is a cornerstone of Dutch and European transport and economic systems, contributing significantly to employment and economic value. The Port Authority focuses on sustainable development, management, and safe shipping operations, aiming to strengthen the port’s position as a logistics hub and future-proof industrial complex. The port supports approximately 193,000 jobs and adds €30.6 billion to the Dutch GDP.

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Source: GlobeNewswire