eWolf Sets Sail: America’s First All-Electric Tugboat Christened In San Diego


  • The first all-electric tugboat in the US, eWolf, was christened in San Diego.
  • This collaboration between Crowley and government agencies marks a step towards a cleaner maritime industry with zero emissions and improved air quality for port communities.

Crowley Maritime Corporation christened the eWolf, the first fully electric tugboat in the United States, at the Port of San Diego on June 25th. This marks a historic achievement for the maritime industry, promoting clean technology and environmental responsibility.

Power and Efficiency with Zero Emissions

The eWolf boasts zero emissions operation and cutting-edge technology. This powerful vessel delivers high pulling force while maintaining safety and efficiency, qualities Crowley is known for.

Collaboration Brings Clean Technology to Life

This endeavor is a collaborative success story. Partners from various levels of government, including the U.S. Maritime Administration, the California Air Resources Board, and the San Diego County Air Pollution Control District, joined forces with Crowley to bring eWolf to life.

Cleaner Air for Port Communities

The project prioritizes improving air quality, especially for communities residing near ports. By replacing traditional diesel-powered engines with electric propulsion, the eWolf significantly reduces air and climate pollution.

A New Standard for the Industry

The christening ceremony also marked the beginning of eWolf’s commercial service. This eco-friendly tugboat sets a new standard not only for the US but potentially for the global maritime industry.

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Source: PR Newswire