Exotic Super Metal Alloy used in Tru-Marine’s 3D-Printed Nozzle Ring



Turbochargers are used to supercharge and thus improve the efficiency of an engine. The marine turbochargers are designed to supply the large mass of air to the engine as it helps in allowing huge amounts of fuel to be burnt by providing the same amount of air by them. The exhaust gases from the main engine enter into the turbine side after passing through the nozzle ring.

The nozzle ring encounters a premature erosion due to the immense pressure it is put through, and this could result in downtime due to the requirement of replacement and service. The problem also lies with the fact that spares are hard to come by and could turn out to be very expensive too.


Tru-Marine has come up with the world’s first 3D-printed nozzle ring for marine turbochargers using exotic super metal alloy. These nozzle rings are capable of being repaired by way of layerwise building. This means, the worn out areas can be dealt with directly on the original component. Tru-Marine opines that the exotic metal used is corrosion resistant as well as heat resistant. They have an added tensile strength with additive densities of greater than 99.5%.

The use of 3D printing for repairing and even building brand new parts on-demand and on-the-spot completely is one of the most practical applications for specialized industries, such as turbocharger repair. Given the need for very specific parts made from high-end materials that are often required, yet due to economies of scale, large-batch production is not economical. In Taiwan, first ever locally-developed metal 3D printer was used to repair old submarines and other DMSMS parts. Even in U.S., Military has recognized the potential of 3D print to repair electronics or even weapons directly on the battlefield.


The 3D advantage would allow for a perfect match of the profile according to the technical specification of each nozzle ring. Lab results have proved successful and suitable for turbocharger applications. The research and results come with the support of government agencies and local research institutions, thereby lending greater confidence and acceptance of the repair innovation.

Tru-Marine is intended to expand their product and service range using indigenous technologies. Their R&D team have a strong reputation for generating disruptive technology that phases out market practices that have become sub-optimal in productivity and relevance.

Source: 3ders


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