Expanding Bunkering Services In Port Louis: TFG GRM Joint Venture


TFG Marine, in collaboration with Mauritian bunker supplier Groupe Roland Maurel (GRM), has established a joint venture named TFG GRM. This venture aims to meet the increasing demand for bunker fuels in Port Louis, Mauritius. With a strategic focus on providing a range of fuel grades and potential future offerings of biofuel blends, TFG GRM is set to enhance bunkering services in the region.

Rising Demand and Strategic Deployment

The decision to commence physical supply operations in Port Louis was primarily driven by the escalating demand for bunkering services. This surge in demand is attributed to the growing number of shipping customers opting for routes traversing the Cape of Good Hope. TFG GRM’s bunker vessel, Hakkassan, has already been deployed in Port Louis, with plans underway to equip it with a mass flow meter to enhance operational efficiency.

Impact of Shipping Route Disruptions

The recent disruptions to traditional shipping routes, particularly in the Red Sea region, have further fueled the demand for bunkering services in Port Louis. Major shipping firms redirecting vessel routes around the Cape of Good Hope have significantly contributed to the uptick in demand. This redirection has not only elevated the importance of alternative refuelling destinations like Walvis Bay in Namibia but has also positioned Port Louis as a notable hub for bunkering activities in the region.

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Source: ENGINE