Explore Maritime Careers for A Big Payoff

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Even though the Pacific Northwest is surrounded by many different bodies of water, few people consider that could translate to a lucrative career in the maritime industry. Getting out on the water usually means a day of play. Yet all kinds of employees are needed to keep the marine industry afloat, both out on the water and back on land.

From entry level to midcareer jobs that pay up to $223,000 annually (according to ZipRecruiter) at sea or on the shore, there’s a career to suit a variety of needs and wants.

Lucrative career in the maritime industry

Colette Royer, age 22, plans to become a Washington State Ferry captain, which pays an annual average salary of $98,430 according to Salary.com. She’s currently enrolled in the Seattle Maritime Academy and will graduate this June and then participate in an at-sea internship.

When asked if she thought she could get a job right away after her internship, Royer says, “Definitely. They have a desperate need for people in maritime.”

Of course, she’ll need to work her way up to ferry captain. She’ll start as an able-bodied seaman and progress to mate and then captain. A go-getter, she’s already been studying for some of the tests she’ll need to take. Then she’d like to be promoted to Puget Sound pilot, captains that navigate big ships from other locations into the Seattle port.

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Source: Port of Seattle


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