Failure Of Chain Hoist Container At Securing Point Causes Injury


IMCA reports of an incident where a person was injured when chain hoist container failed at securing point.

What happened?

An overhead electric chain hoist container/box weighing approx. 30kg fell around 0.8m onto a crew member. The incident occurred whilst crew were working on adjustment of a heavy clamp used as part of a pipelaying operation. A permanently installed 3.2 Te SWL overhead electrical chain hoist, mounted above on a structural beam, was being used to support the clamp end. One of the securing points of the hoist failed, and the chain hoist container fell onto one of the crew present. It hit the right shoulder/back, causing contusion and bruising.

What went wrong?

  • An improvement/alteration of the chain hoist container had been carried out locally without proper engineering calculation for the change (the original bag removed and a sheet metal box had been added);
  • There was inadequate engineering/design: secondary DROPS retention had not been considered;
  • There was inadequate maintenance/inspection: the inspection of exterior container was in the planned maintenance system, but it lacked important detail such as fixing point and wear.

Actions taken

  • If you are required to make a change to a component, communicate this change with your supervisor/engineer to ensure the correct method and/or Management of Change is being applied;
  • Amend planned maintenance system to include regular inspection of the chain container to ensure hardware (brackets, links, fasteners and other supports) are in good condition and replace any parts of hoist showing wear or damage – BEFORE using the hoist;
  • Check of any similar hoists elsewhere; install secondary retention where required.

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Source: IMCA