[FAQ] What Can You Do With A Shipping Container?

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  • Shipping containers are just a part of business and modern-day life today. Many people are using them for transportation needs or for creating housing units.
  • Their durability and versatility have made them quite the sought-after commodity. Just about everyone can find and purchase one anywhere and that includes Fort Lauderdale, FL.

A recent news article published in the Gilaherald asks  what can shipping containers be used for?

You can find different varieties of shipping containers in Fort Lauderdale, depending on the deal. Many companies like Pelican Containers could find the perfect container according to your needs and requirements. But when you receive the containers, what else can you make of them aside from keeping merchandise safe for transportation or building a mini-house? Let’s find out further.

Purchasing a unit

How can you find a proper shipping container? It all begins with you figuring out exactly what you want. With that in mind and set, you won’t have to second guess yourself when you are buying the units. Things such as the type of container and budget should be final to save you from distractions.

This is followed by research on your part and fortunately, the online data is perfect for that. If you search for dealers in the area, you’re going to probably see a good number of them on your screen.

The dealer you are going to choose can offer multiple types of containers as well as other aiding tools including:

  • 20ft shipping containers
  • 40ft shipping containers
  • 20ft high cube containers
  • 40ft high cube containers
  • water and airtight containers
  • refrigerated containers
  • tools that can help maintain the cargo

What can they be used for?

Now we can get to the heart of the titular question. We already know that shipping containers are used for storage and transportation, but there’s more to them than that. Even the shipping aspect talks about much more than you would think.

If we are trying to simplify things we can group their uses into four parts; transportation, storage, mobile operations, and building purposes.


Shipping containers are designed to house and protect valuable cargo that is in transit. They are built out of durable steel that allows them to manage even the most violent weather. Their mostly simple design makes it so that they can be carried by all modes of transport.

Additional gear such as dehumidifiers can also be incorporated into their already safe interior to protect some of the more delicate cargo. What makes them even more impressive is the fact that they can essentially be turned into fridges. By doing this, items such as food and beverages can easily be transported.

Their simple design also means that they can be customized to transport animals. By simply opening up ventilation spaces in the steel and adding hay or other padding, animals are easily and safely carried. This is something that only occurs with wild animals, especially in Africa.


This is also another obvious use of containers, but it has to be mentioned. Why? Well, not every business that can store items such as frozen food has access to equipped warehouses.

Warehouses are also insanely expensive to build and this is why proprietors are drawn to the alternative. This method is made especially for smaller businesses that can also have the containers double as their place of business.

Mobile operations

Because of their simple, yet sturdy design, containers can be repurposed into just about any facility and business. When you throw in the fact that they are easy to transport via truck, you can bring said facilities with you wherever you go. Facilities that this can apply to include hospitals, laboratories, and fast food restaurants.


Building things from the ground up is expensive in Fort Lauderdale the same way it is all across the USA. However, the creative use of shipping containers as the base structure for buildings makes the entire process cheaper, faster, and overall more efficient. Some of the things built out of shipping containers include:

  • houses
  • grocery shops
  • constructions
  • piece of art
  • food markets
  • offices and more

If a dealer has many containers for different purposes in their catalog, you should also look into the state of the containers. When it comes to the state of shipping containers, there are three types and these are:

  • “One trip” which is essentially just from being rolled out of the factory;
  • “Cargo ready” which has seen some use, but is in perfect working condition;
  • “As is” which you have seen so much that you may have to tinker a little here and there.

This is important as it plays into your budget because “One trip” is the most expensive and “As is” versions are the least so, while those that are “Cargo ready” are in the middle of the pack. This information is always going to be present in the catalog, but the dealer will always be ready to have you inspect the containers in case you change your mind.

When you have gone through all these stages and have found a container you are likely to buy, you will probably think about shipping. Include this price into your building plan. These things are massive and heavy, which means that they aren’t easy to maneuver. As a result, dealers will often offer shipping for a price. It’s better to go with them because not every delivery company you can hire is equipped to handle these massive tools.

Final thoughts

With everything that we have discussed in mind, it would not be surprising to find that your mind is stirring. An interesting way of looking at things is to take shipping containers as though they are legos.

They are so versatile that they can be used to build anything even beyond the obvious. Not only are they much more affordable, but they can also easily be customized by dealers if need be. So, if you are living in Fort Lauderdale and are looking for an affordable way to build and store items or are simply looking for something that can easily carry your belongings to another place, try shipping containers out.

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Source: Gilaherald