Fast Walking Lanes To Dodge Shopping Crowd In Liverpool



A research conducted by the Argos revealed that any brisk walker will find it frustrating to walk behind window shoppers and people chatting in the middle of the street.  An ingenious solution to the above said problem, was given by UK city of Liverpool in its city centre by introducing fast walking lanes.  With this, Liverpool has become the first city to open the fast walking lanes.

The survey revealed:

  • 69 percent of people aged between 16-24 years supported the fast lanes.
  • Only 37 percent of people aged above 55 supported the fast walking lanes.
  • 18 percent of those surveyed revealed that people checking phones were also a frustration.
  • 31 percent of people revealed that people blocking the pavement were annoying.

The independent retail expert Alastair Moore told “Shoppers have also told us that speed is critical when simply getting around the high street or town centre, so we want to test consumer reaction to a dedicated pavement fast lane.  The pedestrianised fast track lane is a great way of making this possible and with nearly 30 million Brits saying they’d like one on their own high street, the pilot is set to be a success.”

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