Feline ‘Captain’ of a Russian Cruise Ship Charms Passengers


Russian Sailor Cats Melt Hearts of Passengers Cruising Between Moscow and St. Petersburg


A cat aboard a Russian tourist ship made news spread of the fluffy sailor having cruised for years between Russia’s two main cities.  It turns out that the now-famous Persian is not the only four-legged crew member.

The cat, named ‘Sailor’, has been “working” together with the Nikolay Chernyshevsky cruiser ship’s captain, Vladimir Kotin, since 2008.

Dressed in a smart uniform, complete with a captain’s hat, he keeps watch on the captain’s bridge every day from midnight to 4 a.m.

The average price of a ticket on the Nikolay Chernyshevsky cruise ship, which sails between the cities of Moscow and St Petersburg, is 30,000 rubles ($450).

The hardworking kitty even has an assistant named Boatswain, a Scottish fold.  The ship’s captain says he got Boatswain to keep Sailor company.  Boatswain, however, is not as industrious as his boss, and is sometimes spotted sleeping on the job.

Sources & References: RT