Female Deckhand and 3 Dogs Die in Ship Fire


On May 25, a female crew member and three dogs unfortunately died in a ship fire.

What happened?

A 24 year old female deckhand and three dogs died due to smoke intoxication aboard the “Admiral”, which was berthed in the Trave Port in Hamburg.

Fire broke under kitchen deck:

The fire broke out under deck in the kitchen, and there was no escape for the woman. The ship was moored at the Roßdamm along with two other barges since May 23, and the woman was the only person on board.

Fire brought under control:

Witnesses alerted the fire rescue when smoke emerged from the ship in the afternoon. When the fire department arrived, the cabin in the bow was well alight. They were able to keep the fire from spreading further and extinguished it soon, supported by a fire boat.

Investigation underway:

The victim could only be recovered dead. The damage had yet to be assessed. The police launched an investigation to determine the cause of fire.

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Source: NonstopNews


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