Ferry Collision Kills Eight



Accident : Collision.
Location : Off Fort Kochi, India.
Vessels involved : Passenger ferry, MD Harsha and Fishing boat Basileus.
Date : 26th August 2015, around 1345 hrs.
Casualties : Eight dead.

A circular service ferry “MD Harsha” owned and operated by the State water Transport Department (SWTD) was transporting 30 passengers from Vypin Island to Fort Kochi.  Unexpectedly a fishing boat “Basileus” crashed into it causing it to capsize and sink.

The fishing boat Basileus that had just been fuelled at the Indian Oil petrol bunk was reversing when inadvertently, it crashed into the ferry causing 1979 built MD Harsha to sink immediately.  Though several passengers swam to the shore, many were trapped under the capsized boat.

The 30 passengers comprised of 26 adults and four children.  There were also five crew members on board.

The Coast Guard, Navy and Marine police were dispatched for the rescue operation.  Twenty people were rescued immediately and transported to a nearby hospital.  Three of the rescued are reported to be in a critical condition.

Source: Times of India


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