Ferry Operator In Norway To Run Vessels On Battery And Bio Fuel Propulsion



Hurtigruten AS (Hurtigruten), a Ferry Operator in Norway has expressed its idea of operating vessels with dual battery-bio fuel propulsion.

Highlights of Hurtigruten’s CEO, Daniel Skjeldam’s views on this novel and eco-friendly venture:

  • The introduction of shore power has already led to an enormous reduction in emissions while the company’s vessels are in port.
  • Bergen (a city on Norway’s southwestern coast) is a subtle example where 1,600 tonnes of Nitrogen Oxide (NO2) per year and CO2 has been reduced.
  • Hurtigruten plans to have the battery packs on board the vessels within a few more years.
  • Company is working with engineers to develop vessels that can continue operation on battery power for two to four hours prior to switching to algae-based fuels till a recharging port is reached.
  • Transformation to the battery-propulsion is determined by the pace of technological development.
  • To spearhead the evolution of an environmentally friendly way to travel.
  • Commitment to safeguard the animal life in areas where the ships are sailing.

These factors in a whole might contribute to the progress of a better environment especially in regions where climate change is taking place due to the global warming.

Source: Travel Weekly


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