‘Fifth Beatle’ Dies At Age 90: Watch George Martin’s  – Five Great Productions



Sir George Martin, the music producer, who came to be known as “the fifth Beatle” for his work in shaping the band, died on Tuesday.  According to his management company he was 90.

Martin died “peacefully at home” in England, according to Adam Sharp, the founder of C A Management which represents the music producer.

The producer will always be remembered for his relationship with the fab four, but that shouldn’t obscure the great work he did on other records.

1. Bernard Cribbins – Hole in the Ground (1962)

2. Ray Cathode – Waltz In Orbit (1962)

3. Cilla Black – It’s For You (1964)

4. The Beatles – A Day in the Life (1967)

5. America – Tin Man (1974)

Source: Reuters


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