Final Clean Power Plan Of Obama With Boosters For Renewables


Power Plan

US President is keen on carbon-cutting through his Clean Power Plan.  Earlier, in June 2014 the US Environment Protection Agency (EPA) proposed the reduction in the emission from electricity generation to 30% of 2005 level by 2030.  It proposed that individual states must plan by 2016 and must be operational by 2020.

The start of carbon cutting (restrictions on CO2 from electricity) is likely to be postponed to 2022 after consulting the industry, states and 4.3 million public.  Additional support to renewable energy sources like wind and solar is expected. The final clean power plan will be more effective said the EPA officials.

It showed that shorter deadlines urged the players to switch from coal to gas and the extension is likely to be viewed as the weakness on the part of Government.  However, bigger carbon savings over time is achievable through energy efficiency, renewable and emissions trading between states.

States that produce coal may go to court as the interim goals proposed by the EPA would make electricity more expensive.  But, according to green campaigners in the past eight years the court has supported the idea that the EPA has the authority and responsibility to curb carbon under the Clean Air Act.

International observers are watching keenly as it may lead to a new global treaty.

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