Fire Alert on a Cargo Ship at Port of Tyne


Firefighters from across Tyne Wear Fire and Rescue services rushed to the port after the Port of Tyne raised a fire alert on a cargo ship.


Incident: Fire
Vessel Involved: A Cargo Ship
Cargo on board: Thousands of tonnes of wood pellets
Date: 5th November 2015
Location: Port of Tyne
Casualties: None

The cargo ship arrived at the port on Thursday morning.  As soon as the ship’s hold was opened, the overheated cargo was discovered and immediately,the emergency services were called upon.

More than 30 firefighters along with six pumping appliances, one aerial ladder platform, a command support unit and a fire boat attended the smouldering cargo.  In order to avoid the fire being spread, nearly 100 tonnes of pellets were unloaded.

Assistant chief officer, John Baines, from Tyne and Wear Fire and Rescue Service, said: “This was a difficult incident for the crews.  The smouldering cargo was deep seated inside the hold of the vessel that was moored on the river.  Our crews, working together with Port of Tyne staff, continually assessed operational tactics to deal with the difficult conditions they faced.”

He also added: “Fire crews who were mobilised from all over Tyne and Wear should be praised for their professionalism and swift actions that helped to bring the situation under control quickly.  Firefighters remained on-site for some time and we would like to thank the Port of Tyne for their assistance.”

An investigation to find the cause of the fire is under way.  The spokesperson for the port revealed that the operations at the port remained normal.

Source: Chronicle Live