Fire In California Displace Thousands



California witnessed devastating blazes recently: Valley Fire,  Butte Fire and Rough Fire to name a few.  Valley Fire, started on Saturday in Lake County, north of San Francisco in Northern California, due to high temperatures and years of drought.  The fire spread quickly and witnesses saw flames reach up to 200ft (60m) in the air.  Valley fire had already burnt 40,000 acres (16,190 hectares) and displaced thousands of residents.  As many as 5,000 firefighters (four of whom were injured and hospitalised) are working round-the-clock to fight the flames.

Further east, in Amador and Calaveras counties, Butte Fire broke out on Wednesday and 4,000 firefighters are pressed into service.  It has so far destroyed around 65,000 acres (26,300 hectares) along with 86 homes and 51 outbuildings.  It is only 15% contained and threatens more than 6,000 other buildings.

Further south, beyond Fresno, firefighters have been tackling the largest of the blazes, the so-called Rough Fire, which has claimed 128,800 acres (52,000 hectares) since it began in late July.  Nearly 3,000 fire-fighters are tackling that blaze, which is now said to be 29% contained.

The state spent $212m (£137m) in July alone, and more than 275 homes and other buildings had been destroyed.  Emergency shelters by the Red Cross for evacuated residents had started functioning.

They have evacuated the Kings Canyon National Park and working to protect the park’s famous grove of Giant Sequoia trees.

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