Fire on Plane at Florida Airport Injures 15


Florida Airport: Fire On Plane Injures 15


On Thursday, Boeing 767, operated by Dynamic Airline, caught fire on the runway at Fort Lauderdale airport in Florida.

The Plane, en route to Carcass, Venezuela, was reported about a fuel leak by an aircraft behind it on the runway.  The report says that there were 101 passengers onboard during the fire accident.  One was seriously injured by burns, but not life-threatening, while 14 others are under treatment for minor injuries, stress, etc.

The plane was taxiing for departure while the engine caught fire.  Hence, the captain ordered for evacuating the plane.  The fire was quickly extinguished.

A four-member team will be sent to the place for investigation, said National Transportation Safety Board.  The airport is fully equipped with rescue equipment and firefighting personnel.  “The goal is to minimise the risk, mitigate the hazard and take care of anybody that’s injured.”

The spokesman, Greg Meyer, informed that the airport was closed and the passengers were taken to the family assistance centre at Terminal 4. It was reopened after several hours.

He added: “Our biggest concern is the safety of the passengers.  We want to make sure the people get off the aircraft safely and get away from the incident.  We train for this several times a year, we go through table-top exercises, we have real exercises, today happens to be the real thing.”

Passengers in another plane posted photos of fire on the plane in social media networks.

The company’s CEO, Paul Kraus, did not comment on this incident.

Source: The Guardian


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