First Container Ship Arrives at Port of Baltimore Since Key Bridge Collapse


The first container ship arrived at the Port of Baltimore since the Francis Scott Key Bridge collapsed more than a month ago. The MSC Cargo Passion III made it through the 35-foot temporary channel on Sunday, carrying nearly 1,000 containers, reports CBS News.

The fourth channel 

The Port of Baltimore celebrated a significant milestone as the first container ship docked at the Seagirt Terminal since the collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge over a month ago. The MSC Cargo Passion III navigated through a newly opened temporary channel, marking a crucial step in restoring operations. With four temporary channels now in operation, vessels trapped in the port can finally make their way out.

Governor Wes Moore emphasized the importance of this development, highlighting that the 35-foot deep and 300-foot wide channel will alleviate congestion and facilitate the movement of cargo-carrying ships. This latest channel opening follows a series of efforts aimed at restoring commercial activity at the port, including the recent reopening that restored 15% of pre-collapse operations.

Notably, recreational boats will also benefit from this development, as specific hours have been allocated for their passage through the salvage area of the collapsed bridge. Larry Lewis, a seasoned boater, emphasized the significance of this access for both recreational boaters and chartering businesses alike.

While traffic through the temporary channels will be strictly regulated, efforts to clear the main shipping channel are ongoing. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is spearheading the salvage operation, with a focus on reopening the main channel by the end of May. The recovery process, however, remains solemn as two workers are still missing under the wreckage, adding a poignant reminder of the tragedy that occurred during the bridge collapse.

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Source: CBS News