First LNG Fueling Terminal In North America Opens


Harvey Gulf marks a milestone by opening the first marine LNG fueling terminal in North America.  It completed a successful LNG bunkering facility at its operation base in Port Fourchon, LA.  The bunkering included the transfer of 43,000 gallons of LNG in approximately 2.25 hours without incident.


Features :

  • The terminal is designed to meet the requirements of 33 CFR part 127 NFPA 59A and able to deliver LNG at a pumping rate of 550 GMP.
  • The total on site storage is approximately 270,000 gallons contained in three 90,000 USG type “C” vacuum insulated tanks.

“This a testament to Harvey Gulf’s commitment to promoting the use of LNG, a clean, abundant and cost-effective alternative marine fuel.  With the completion of our LNG terminal at Port Fourchon, we are able to provide a LNG bunkering point at the epicenter of marine operations for the Gulf of Mexico, which is vital to continuing the shift to LNG as a marine fuel.” says Shane Guidry, Chairman and CEO of Harvey Gulf.

Source: LNG


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