First LNG-powered Aframax Tanker Makes First Ship-to-Ship LNG Bunkering


The Shell group of companies has completed its first ship-to-ship bunkering of cleaner burning LNG fuel from its specialized LNG bunker vessel, paving the way for many other operations from the vessel.

LNG-powered Aframax tanker

The specialized LNG bunker vessel ‘Cardissa’ has successfully completed its first ship-to-ship bunkering of cleaner burning LNG fuel. This operation marked a number of other firsts, as it fuelled the Russian state-controlled Sovcomflot (SCF) tanker Gagarin Prospect, the world’s first LNG-powered Aframax tanker.

The Cardissa can hold around 6,500 metres³ of LNG for bunkering. SCF has also built LNG tankers that are used for the Sakhalin Energy and Yamal LNG projects.

On October 4, the LNG-powered Aframax tanker was also the first ship-to-ship LNG bunkering to take place in the Port of Rotterdam.

Agreement between Shell and SCF

SCF said, “This was the first operation under the LNG fuel supply agreement between Shell and SCF signed in 2017. This operation pioneered the expansion of LNG fuel into the tanker industry and, in general, for vessels not tied to fixed routes or set timetables”.

Shell commented, “This was a tangible example of how it promoted LNG as a cleaner burning and viable fuel for the shipping industry. It is highly appropriate that we celebrate this first with SCF and their first LNG powered tanker, which we also happen to charter”.

SCF has been working very closely with Shell on every aspect of cleaner shipping, through its ‘green funnel’ programme. The first tangible result was the introduction into service of the world’s first Aframax tanker to use LNG as her primary fuel – Gagarin Prospect. It also ensured that LNG bunkering infrastructure was established in key ports worldwide.

LNG offers better fuel options

The Port of Rotterdam Authority said it highly values and actively supports a more sustainable transport sector. “As a result of co-operation with many parties like Shell and SCF we are leading the way in this transition. Compared to other fuels, LNG offers significant benefits to local air quality and contributes to the reduction of greenhouse gases. We welcome the Gagarin Prospect and her sister vessels to our port and look forward to many more secure and efficient LNG bunker operations.”

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Source: Natural Gas World