First Ulstein X-Stern Hull Arrived


Early this January, the first SOV hull arrived at Ulstein Verft in Norway.  It started its voyage from Poland on 1st January and reached Norway early in the morning of 3rd January.  X-Stern is advanced level of X-Bow.


  • A vessel featuring the X-Stern can be positioned with the stern faced towards the weather instead of the bow
  • The X-Stern leads to:
    • Improved weather resistance
    • Greater operability
    • Reduced power and fuel consumption while on DP mode
  • The design is claimed to:
    • Reduce pitch
    • Wave drift forces
    • Eliminate slamming
  • Anticipations:
    • There will be no sea on deck
    • Reduced ice build-up in cold climates, due to the stern shape and enclosed nature of the aft deck
  • Before the sea trials begin in the late spring, a service operation vessel (SOV) for the offshore wind industry, will be outfitted and its final coating will be done.
  • Next summer, the vessel will work at the Gemini wind farm in the Netherlands for Siemens Wind Power Service.
  • The vessel is one of two SOVs which Bernhard Schulte Offshore/Windea will deliver to Siemens.
  • Focus of SOVs:
    • To improve the efficiency of service operations at wind farms
    • To provide a reliable and environmentally sound platform for wind farm operations and maintenance support, technician accommodation and transport.
    • To provide exceptional levels of safe reliable access to installations offshore.

Details of the vessel:

  • The Length of the vessel will be 88m (289 feet)
  • Its breadth will be 18m (59 feet)
  • The speed of the vessel will be 13.5 knots
  • It can accommodate 60 people.

Source: Ulstein