First WB-18 Crew Transfer Vessel, Steel Cutting Ceremony


A recent news article published in the Riviera states that steel-cutting ceremony held for first WB-18 crew transfer vessel.

When did the steel cutting took place?

Steel cutting took place on 17 February 2022. The vessel is being built in collaboration with Hitzler Werft in Lauenburg and will be the first CTV with a hydraulic suspension system developed originally by Nauti-Craft in Australia.

The Wallaby Boats CTV is a catamaran with the hydraulic suspension system placed between the hulls and vessel’s ‘chassis.’ Propulsion and power generation units are installed in the hulls.

Role of suspension system

The suspension system enables the catamaran’s hulls to compensate for wave forces and motions. The CTV will be tested by developer EnBW on offshore windfarms in the Baltic.

The innovative vessel has an upper main deck structure and two separate hulls connected by a hydraulic suspension system that can be operated actively or passively.

Use of waste energy

Waste heat energy generated by the hydraulics will be used by the vessel, for example for de-icing its deck, and the deck superstructure will have integrated photovoltaic panels.

The CTV will be classed by Lloyd’s Register and will bear the notation +100A1 SSC Workboat, Catamaran, HSC, G2A +LMC, UMS.

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Source: Riviera


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