Five Workers Died During Refloating of Container Ship


On September 29, five workers were killed while attempting to refloat a partially submerged vessel in Jakarta, Indonesia.

What happened?

In an unfortunate incident, five workers reportedly lost their lives while attempting to refloat a partially submerged ship ‘Sweet Istanbul’ near Tanjung Priok breakwater, Jakarta.

The workers were trying to install gas powered pumps when they died of smoke poisoning due to inhalation of gas fumes.

Caught in a death trap:

In the beginning only one worker had gone down to carry out the installation, since there was no response from him another worker went inside and remaining three workers followed them inside to help their colleagues.

The vessel was intentionally sunk outside the harbour after it reportedly caught in a major fire around 2015 and was partially submerged. The workers were involved in efforts to refloat the partially submerged vessel.

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Source: Fleetmon


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