FKAB Signs Deal for Electric Propulsion Ferries


FKAB of Sweden has signed a contract with Holland Shipyards to design the four ferries with electric propulsion that will be built for the Swedish road ferries administration, Trafikverket Färjerederiet, reports Clean Shipping International.

FKAB Marine Design

FKAB will carry out documentation for approval, such as Calculations, Steel structure, Arrangements and Systems and Production Design. The initial concept design and procurement documentation was by fellow Swedish company Poseidon Consult, and FKAB Marine Design will complete the work.

These ferries of an environmentally friendly nature, which is well in line with Färjerederiet’s Vison 45, and will be equipped with batteries for full electric propulsion with shore power charging at both ends of the crossing and with only back-up auxiliaries if needed that will run on HVO.

Erik Froste, CEO Swedish Roadferries, said: “Hearing that our subcontractor, Holland Shipyards Group decided to work together with FKAB Marine Design made us happy. It is always good to work with well-known people and companies. We trust FKAB and know they are experienced and know the business. The four new buildings are extremely important for our strategic goal, to reduce our CO2-footprints to zero for our total fleet of 70 road ferries latest 2045. And we do not want any unnecessary unexpected hiccups. It is hard enough as it is.”

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Source: Clean Shipping International


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