Flags of Convenience Disagree on Gross Tonnage and Merchant Vessel Statistics


A recent claim by the Marshall Islands to have overtaken Liberia has not gone well with Liberian Registry.


Difference of claims:

As mentioned recently about the Marshall Islands claim to have overtaken Liberia as the world’s second largest registry in terms of deadweight tonnes, something that appears to not sit well with the Liberian Registry which was quick to announce that it has passed the significant milestone of 150 million gross tonnes registered.

A statistic says which keeps it squarely behind the top seed, Panama, specifically in terms of a number of ships and gross tonnage.

Recent turn of events:

Following the recent registration of the 43,301 gross tonne bulk carrier SBI Jive, owned by the Scorpio Group, the Liberian-flag fleet currently numbers 4,167 vessels aggregating 150 million gross tonnes.

This differs somewhat significantly from the numbers provided by the Marshall Island Registry which, having gathered data from IHS Markit, suggests that Liberia has 3,277 vessels with a total of 140.4 million gross tonnes.

Statement released:

Scott Bergeron, CEO of the Liberian International Ship & Corporate Registry (LISCR), the US-based manager of the Liberian Registry, said:

“There is currently an intense competition for business in the ship registration sector. Liberia welcomes competition based on quality, safety, and service, and we are excited about our immediate and long-term future.”

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Source: Handy Shipping Guide


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