Flares from Royal Navy Warded Off Spanish Vessel



Royal Navy patrol vessel, HMS Sabre, took the drastic step of firing flares across the bows of Spanish Guardia Civil vessel, the Rio Cedena, in an attempt to stop the tiny ship from harassing a 18,000-ton US nuclear sub.

The incident reported to have occurred near Gibraltar last month during the USS Florida’s port call at the British naval base.

Even after the flares were fired the Spanish vessel again tried to pull in front of the sub – and was challenged once more by HMS Sabre, who again took action to stop the vessel in its tracks.

However, the flare firing was confirmed by senior Royal Navy forces, who blasted the antics. One insider, said: “We are used to brinkmanship but this flies in the face of any rule book on maritime safety”.

“This is a nuclear powered submarine and trying to disrupt its path is seriously dangerous.”  A spokesman for the Governor’s office, The Convent, confirmed the incursion, “in the vicinity of an incoming submarine.”

Source: The Sun


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