[Watch] Flat-Screen TVs, Car Parts Wash Up on Dutch islands

Flat-screen television sets and debris lie washed up on a beach in Terschelling, Netherlands January 2, 2019 in this image obtained from social media. Erik Scheer via REUTERS


Around dozens of containers with items including flat-screen televisions have washed up on Dutch islands in the North Sea after a ship lost part of its cargo due to stormy weather conditions.

What happened?

The Panamanian-flagged cargo ‘MSC ZOE’ was caught up in a rough weather near the German island of Borkum and floated southwest toward Dutch waters.

Containers on the loose

Around 270 containers broke open on the shores of the Dutch islands of Terschelling and Vlieland whereas others were floating or stranded off the coasts of Ameland and Schiermonnikoog.

Warning issued

The Coast Guard warned ships in the area to beware of floating containers. Three containers holding hazardous materials are yet to be retrieved.

Hunters having a free run

It has been reported that local treasure hunters have found an array of items from containers whose contents had spilled, including light bulbs, car parts, Ikea furniture, clothing, and toys.

Groups of people have gathered around beached containers and taking off with something that appeared to be a flatscreen TV still packed in foam.

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Source: Reuters


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