Floating Bunkering Solution Offers Flexibility For Bunkering At Anchorage


A recent news article published in the Econnect Energy discusses the ammonia bunkering project.

Azane Fuel Solutions

In 2021 ECONNECT Energy and Amon Maritime established Azane Fuel Solutionsto develop and deliver turn-key ammonia bunkering solutions on land or by barge. Azane is building the first units in an ammonia fuel bunkering network in Norway, realising a complete green ammonia fuel value chain from production to consumption. ECONNECT Energy contributes proprietary ammonia-ready technology and expertise to allow for the rapid uptake of carbon-free ammonia as a fuel feedstock.

Pioneering NH3 Bunkering

Azane Fuel Solutions is a technology company, focused on providing solutions for small-scale ammonia bunkering. Together with leading project consortium partners, Azane is building the first units in an ammonia fuel bunkering network, realizing a complete green ammonia fuel value chain in Norway, from production to consumption. The “Ammonia fuel bunkering network” project (AFBN) will set the standard for ammonia bunkering.

Floating Bunkering Solution

The floating bunkering solution is both flexible and mobile, ideal for port areas without existing ammonia fuelling infrastructure. Additionally, the floating bunkering solution offers flexibility for bunkering at anchorage. The system can receive ammonia from tank trucks, ships and trains, in compressed, semi-refrigerated or fully refrigerated state.

The shore-based bunkering solutions are ideal for industrial ports and supply bases, allowing direct ship bunkering alongside the quay, or transfer to a bunkering barge. Larger versions of the system can also function as bunkering storage terminals, serving a fleet of bunkering vessels.

IQuay Ammonia Bunkering

The transfer of ammonia for bunkering purposes similar to that of LNG.

  • Plug & Play: Turn-key bunkering infrastructure when combined with onshore storage.
  • Universal: The loading system can be connected to a range in ship sizes and can be painlessly implemented into existing terminals.
  • Cost-efficient: Significantly lower CAPEX compared to dedicated bunkering vessels.
  • Safe: Rigorous safety standards are required when handling; our extensive experience with strict safety standards from the LNG sector and dangerous goods also applies to ammonia transfer.

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