Four Multipurpose Ships To Be Added To Amasus Coffers


Amasus Shipping has signed a contract with Handelskade Shipsales and Bogazici Shipyard for a series of four open-top multipurpose shortsea cargo ships.

Valuable Additions

The Eems B-type vessels have been engineered in cooperation with DEKC Maritime, classed by LR, and have a length of 89.95 m. The ships will have a single hold with a total capacity of 178,300 cu ft (5,049 cu m) and can carry wind turbine blades and other structures in an open-top condition as well as containers, bulk cargo and break bulk cargoes.

At The Core

The vessels are powered by a diesel-electric power system, according to the latest technical standards. Following a modular building principle, this configuration makes the ships ready for the use of future non-fossil fuels.

Amasus said that it expects the ships to be operational by the end of next year.

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Source: HeavyLiftpfi


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