Four Tips To Stay Safe Online, Settings Change Useless

Credit : The Sunday Guardian
  • It’s always important to have the best iPhone or Android security settings.
  • But you can still be hacked very easily.
  • Hackers are becoming increasingly sophisticated.

A hack attack can be devastating – potentially raiding your private info and even your bank accounts – so it’s more important than ever to be aware of the risks.

Beware Of Malware

Cyber-expert Roger Grimes, of KnowBe4, has warned against relying too heavily on smartphone settings to stay safe. “Anyone thinking a setting is going to stop someone from being exploited by hackers or malware doesn’t really understand how hackers hack,” Roger says. “99% of hacking is done by social engineering and unpatched software, none of which can be prevented by any setting…”The best way to stop hackers and malware can’t be stopped by a ‘setting’.”

Four Tips To Stay Safe

Roger’s first tip is to be more aware of social engineering tricks that hackers use. That means reading about hack attacks, and being on alert when you receive unsolicited emails or messages. Make sure you never hand private info to anyone without 100% verifying who they are first – and even then, consider if there’s a better way to achieve your goal.

The second tip is to keep your software updated. Tech companies regularly plug security holes in updates, so keep an eye out for the latest patches on your iPhone or Android.

The third tip is to ensure you’re using multi-factor authentication for logins. But remember: never share your two-factor codes with anyone, even if someone that is seemingly a friend, family member or colleague asks for it.

Finally, ensure that you’re using different (and very secure) passwords for every single website or app that you visit. If you think you’ve been hacked, make sure you change your passwords as soon as possible – and log out all other sessions on the app if you can.

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