Fourth Methanol Tanker Concludes A Historic Year


Proman The leading tanker business Stena Bulk and the top methanol producer Proman have successfully taken receipt of a second methanol-fueled tanker, named Stena Prosperous, through their joint venture Stena Bulk.

Commercial operation 

The 49,990 DWT ship from Guangzhou Shipyard International Co Ltd (GSI) was successfully delivered, and it will immediately begin commercial operation while running only on methanol.

The supply concludes an important year for the joint business, which now has four vessels actively trading and completely bunkering on future fuel with minimal emissions. The fourth vessel will join the Proman Stena Promise, Stena Pro Patria, and Stena Pro Marine, which were all delivered in 2022.

In the previous year, the joint venture fleet loaded methanol fuel in Ulsan, Trinidad, and Rotterdam; other significant bunkering hubs will follow in 2023.

Proman Stena Bulk’s dedication to accelerating the use of methanol as a marine fuel in the short term is underscored by the entry into the service of a fourth vessel.

Design advancements

Similar to the other joint venture vessels that run on methanol, Stena Prosperous has an abnormally low EEDI (Energy Efficiency Design Index) value. With an EEDI 11% lower than the 2025 Phase 3 criteria, the IMOIIMeMax vessel series sets a new standard for mid-range tankers by utilising technologies and design advancements that are at the forefront of their industry. These advancements maximise energy efficiency and reduce fuel consumption.

As more very low-carbon blue and renewable methanol becomes available for blending and bunkering in the near future, the ships’ future-proofed engine designs keep the ships ready to achieve every incoming emissions reduction objective. Approximately 12,500 tonnes of methanol will be used annually as fuel by the Stena Prosperous. When compared to other marine fuels, ordinary methanol from natural gas, which is widely accessible, virtually eliminates SOx and particulate matter, reduces NOx by 60%, and lowers CO2 emissions from the vessel’s operations by up to 15% on a tank-to-wake basis.

Erik Hånell, President and CEO of Stena Bulk, said: “It’s fantastic to be able to end 2022 with a fourth methanol tanker joining our joint venture fleet. These vessels are truly pioneering and meet the highest standards of safety, sustainability and efficiency, laying down a marker for what is already possible today through progressive partnerships like ours with Proman.” 

Anita Gajadhar, Managing Director, Marketing and Logistics, Proman added: “We are immensely proud of what our joint venture with Stena Bulk has been able to achieve over the last year. We now have four vessels in operation running on methanol as a marine fuel, which proves that methanol isn’t a future fuel – it’s today’s fuel. Its highly scalable and commercially viable decarbonisation pathway means it is one of best solutions for shipowners to meet sustainability commitments and every incoming emissions target that the maritime industry will face.”

The announcement of the delivery of the Stena Prosperous comes as interest in methanol as a marine fuel soars to new heights. Methanol ships were the most popular type of newbuild ship ordered in October 2022, and according to MAN Energy Solutions, over 25% of their order queue is for methanol engines across a variety of vessel classes.


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Source: Stena Bulk


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