FPS Waal’s Unprecedented Voyage into Green Shipping

Credit: future proof shipping

Embarking on a transformative journey toward maritime sustainability, FPS Waal sets a pioneering course by bidding adieu to diesel engines and embracing a new era of hydrogen-powered navigation. The Future Proof Shipping source.

  • FPS Waal undergoes diesel-to-hydrogen retrofit, ushering in an emissions-free era in maritime.
  • Cutting-edge propulsion system replaces internal combustion engines for sustainability.
  • Collaborative effort with partners and funding support drives groundbreaking transformation.

A Milestone in Emission-Free Shipping

Celebrating a significant stride towards greener seas, FPS Waal bids farewell to diesel engines, marking the start of its conversion into a hydrogen-powered vessel.

Zero-Emission Propulsion System

In pursuit of 100% emissions-free navigation, the vessel is set for a radical transformation. Out go the internal combustion engines, making room for a cutting-edge propulsion system featuring PEM fuel cells, hydrogen storage, battery packs, and an electric drive train.

Sustainable Future

As weeks unfold, the ship’s inner mechanics undergo a metamorphosis. The removal of main engines and generators ushers in the installation of the new fuel cell section and battery room, propelling FPS Waal towards a sustainable tomorrow.

Collaboration Driving Change

This groundbreaking feat wouldn’t be possible without the collective efforts of FPS’s dedicated team, visionary partners, and supporters including Holland Shipyards Group, Ballard Power Systems, Port of Rotterdam, and numerous organizations committed to sustainable shipping solutions.

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