[Watch] FRC Flipped in Sea, Safety Alert


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A fast rescue boat (FRB) or MOB boat is a small boat equipped with powerful engines. These are used by men onboard during need and to help other vessels in distress. FRB are usually built in a view of stability and speed, to withstand all weather conditions. FRB must always be equipped with an automatic self-draining system. Also, the vessel is provided with an outer or inboard motor, may be with waterjet -propulsion, with which it can reach speeds up to 40 knots or more.


On an emergency evacuation call, a FRC was launched from the bridge as the vessel was travelling forward, without prior authorisation. The engine of the FRC was not running, as it was restricted by a secured short forward painter (front securing line).


The FRC hit the water floor at a very high speed and keeled allowing the seawater inside. This caused flooding and the force of water broke-up the FRC. It violently jettisons three crew members into the water.


One person was injured requiring medevac.

Reason for the accident:

  • Lack of training
  • Lack of awareness of risk
  • Lack of supervision
  • The crew had no specific procedure to conduct an FRC
  • The crew chose to adapt the forward painter as there was limited understanding of inherent risks 
  • Inadequate Contractor Management.


  • Standard operating procedure to be followed
  • Training on operation procedures to be provided to crew
  • Responsible vessel officers must conduct required supervisory duties
  • The control device operation should be checked before use
  • The FRC must comply with SOLAS and LSA
  • The FRC components have to be maintained properly
  • Safety precautions during launch and recovery of a fast rescue boat to be followed.

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